Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Winning Money

Years ago I had a dream that someone that I know well was going to win $10 000.00. I saw them winning it on a poker machine in my dream (not that that's possible, is it?). The interesting thing and learning in this dream for me was when they actually didn't win $10 000.00 in reality they won $30 000.00 and it was in the lotto. I'm still trying to work out how these wonderful dreams work.

Another interesting one on this subject was when I was young my Mother (who I inherited my senstiveness from) dreamt the lotto numbers. Problem was that she didn't know which draw they were for, a minor technicality LOL ...arghh she entered the numbers in for the wrong draw. There really are a lot of draws on a lot of different days over a year or so. So I guess the trick is to ask for more info, which is a trick that I've only just realised I can do in the middle of a dream now?

I don't fully understand how it all works yet, I personally do believe it is possible to be given 'winners' if it is Gods will and the person's intent is pure and the money is to be used for higher good of all and not for selfish purposes,but that's my opinon. I have been given racing horse names in a dream, it was a photo finish, so maybe one day I'll get to find out. If anyone want's to know these horse names, let me know and I'll pass them on. I don't follow the horses, which makes it even weirder that I dreamt these names.


  1. Kylie

    Keen to find out the horses names please....


  2. Hi, The best I can remember the 3 horses names that I dreamt are

    Honest Pride (or Honest Ride)

    Sir Riddle (or something similar, maybe Sir something else?

    Aztec Gold

    Having said that I don't accept any responsiblity what so ever.

    Just like if you are given lotto numbers and not knowing for which draw, there are many horses in many different races. So even if the horse name/s that I dreamt was in forsight, the chance of getting all the variables correct would be a miracle. I have no idea which horse/s was in which race etc...

    The horse that I feel closest to energetically is Honest Pride/Ride. This was one that was in the photo finish - although I didn't get to see the photo results.

    One other dream that comes to mind was that I was at a function and the news headlines said something about a FEMALE jockey maybe related, may not, again maybe 'JUST A DREAM'

    It would be WAY COOL to find the three horses in the one race... BUT I have to stress again that I accept NO responsibility or liability as it may well have been 'JUST A DREAM'

    If you do find anything that may relate I'd love to know about it and I may even get more information once I have details to focus on.